Webinar: Deliver the Site to the Office

Webinar: Deliver the Site to the Office

January 29, 2021
Webinar: Deliver the Site to the Office, you will learn how you can generate new value for your organization with specialized data capture and visualization tools.
In this webinar, you will learn how you can generate new value for your organization with specialized data capture and visualization tools.
VEERUM and Eye-bot have prepared a joint solution to accelerate digital adoption in the energy industry. More than ever, asset owners need a way to deliver current site conditions to asset stakeholders while traveling restrictions impact site access. 

Eye-bot’s industry-leading data capture solution provides high-quality data capture for a variety of use cases in the asset lifecycle. One deployment by Eye-bot’s team reduces overall site visits by up to 70%. The data collected benefits a multitude of stakeholders and creates continuity between all. VEERUM provides the primary visualization and analytics application to combine all CAD, geospatial, document management, IoT, and operational systems. 

Clients can elevate all their siloed and valuable data into an easy-to-use cloud-based application. Working together, Eye-bot and VEERUM can digitally transform your organization’s practices to enable remote collaboration within your asset team. 

Webinar Agenda:
Eye-bot solution overview: 10 minutes
VEERUM solution overview: 10 minutes
Live demo: 10 minutesQ+A: 10 minutes
Q+A: 10 minutes

Presentation hosted by:
Trevor MacMaster, VEERUM – Chief Client Officer
Jim Yanosick, Eye-bot – Director of Client Services

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