digitize, analyze, predict visual trends through 3D interactive data

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We are focused on the actionable insights and enhanced analytical capability to enable heavy industries to safely and efficiently manage their physical assets. 

Cost overruns, missed timelines, vendor accountability, safety, and inventory management considerations are among the contributors to the risk profile of any capital project or physical asset. Transparency, among every constituency, along with every link of the delivery chain, is the best means to mitigate these risks. Eye-bot provides an unprecedented level of transparency and the ability for cross-functional teams to coordinate their efforts and ensure the successful completion of a construction project.

Digitally Transforming Physical Assets

Eye-bot has built a network of premier providers offering a suite of performance measurement and reporting tools that provide the transparency and progress reporting that is required to drive a project to successful completion.

Eye-bot works with asset managers who are ultimately responsible for some of the most costly decisions that will impact the outcome of their capital projects and assets. 

a complete solution to your 2d & 3D data workflows

Standardizing data collection process to ensure the highest quality of output
Digitizing infrastructure through highest resolution needed with Drone/UAV Data Capture
Analyzing high volumes of data easily enables engineering-ready reality meshes

Developing digital twins of our clients' physical assets 


Enabling cross-functional sharing, annotation and collaborative interactions


Predicting the future performance and management of your assets

Oil Gas 3Dmodel

Eye-bot Quality Assurance

Inaccurate data is worse than no data at all. Eye-bot delivers high quality results with your accuracy standards in mind every time. Our proven multi-step data verification process with best-in-class tools and practices equips you with reliable data for decision-making.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Oil & Gas Drone Capture

Unparalleled Experience with Industry-Leading Clients

With thousands of hours of experience, we built the standard in continuous, safe, data collection for several Oil & Gas Supermajors, now let us do it for you. Our UAV collection team has been Shell Aircraft approved which requires a thorough investigation into all aspects of our data collection and delivery services. We hold numerous FAA waivers and restricted airspace authorizations including, Night Operations and Flight Over People.

Accurate Geo-Located Data and High-Resolution Photos

We combine full-spectrum GPS data sources with ground-based and aerial sensors customized to your project. Our photographic images range up to 62 megapixels and videos up to 6k resolution. Our data collection and delivery methods are trusted by some of the world’s finest companies.

We are a preferred reality modeling provider and our team has passed rigorous training to deliver high-res digital twins of our clients’ physical assets. With these digital twins, you can track project progress, take measurements or integrate with AI tools.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Oil & Gas Drone Capture
Eye-bot Oil Gas 2D orthophoto

Total Security for All Your Sensitive Project Data

Data security is always foremost with Eye-bot. Using cloud-based data delivery services ensures all your confidential data stays confidential – thanks to state of the art encryption that protects every byte even when you access your files out in the field.

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