Eye-bot is Changing the ‘Landscape’ for Land Surveys

See how land surveys created by UAS are more accessible and cost-efficient than traditional surveys.


While maintaining the integrity of traditional surveying practices, we deliver more data, and more information faster and less expensive while adhering to the importance of survey-grade accuracies. At Eye-bot, we are integrating the latest in advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and conventional measuring techniques in the air and on the ground. 


Under the direct supervision of a Licensed Professional Surveyor, the Eye-bot team delivers advanced 3D mapping solutions for boundary and topographic surveys on any project, small or large.  We are saving our clients both time and money when compared to conventional surveying methodologies alone.

With a Licensed Professional Surveyor’s oversight on every project, small or large, Eye-bot will deliver the following advanced mapping solutions and applications:

Certified property lines embedded into 3D visual models
Construction Inspection/ Monitoring
Change Detection
Volumetric Calculations


Photogrammetric/LiDAR/SLAM hybrid mapping & data fusion
Survey Validation


Asset Management/Integration
Remote Team Collaboration 


ASPRS accuracy levels

3D Digital Maps of Projects We Survey 

Along with a traditional signed, sealed survey delivered in hard copy or cadd files, Eye-bot will create a state-of-the-art digital model that can be accessed and used for multiple, user-defined applications, including pdf file storage (e.g. copy of survey, warranties, taxes, maintenance invoices, etc.), area and distance measurements, and direct communications with other interested parties. 

Eye-bot creates detailed, high-definition, interactive, 3D digital maps of every square foot to develop true “digital twins” of the projects we survey.  Our mapping deliverables provide a 'Single Source of Truth' and will include the validation and accuracy of:

    • the visible surface
    • contour lines
    • property corners
    • property lines
    • buildings, sidewalks, driveways
    • utilities
    • interiors 
    • measurements and area calculations
property lines

Who Uses Drones for Land Surveying

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