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Drones are the preferred method of inspection primarily to reduce the safety risk posed to personnel working in hazardous environments. As well, drones save time and money.

The need to inspect confined spaces is present in virtually all industries. Using a collision-tolerant drone, our pilot can navigate any confined space safely.  And, when required, be directly in contact with walls.

Protecting Your Workers in Confined Spaces.

We are highly qualified with the OSHA Confined Space Entry Permit.

Footage captured during these confined space inspections can be reviewed by a visual inspector.  They determine whether the area requires a manual entry for further inspection. Our pilots have gone through extensive confined space training in order to perform each operation as safe and efficient as possible.

HSE guidelines and aging assets require increasingly frequent, more thorough and more complex inspections.  Elements include silos, tanks, sewers, pipes, access shafts, chimneys, boilers, manholes or underground cable galleries.

Work in confined spaces typically carries the following risks:

  • Insufficient amount of oxygen for the worker to breathe, or the presence of asphyxiants
  • Presence of hazardous chemical or biological substances
  • Risk of fire or explosion
  • “Mechanical” hazards: moving parts of equipment, structural hazards, engulfment, entanglement, slips, falls, collapse or falling debris
Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Oil & Gas Drone Capture

Use Case: HRSG Burner Inspection

Company: Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals

Performed a confined space inspection inside of HRSG Burners to ensure proper burner orientation was maintained during the lift and move into its final location. We were able to provide our client with a high-quality 4k video that can be used to inspect the current state of the HRSG burners as well as begin a video log for future inspections.

Use Case: Hydro Turbine Inspection​

Company: Voith

Equipped with industry-leading equipment and precision flying we performed a confined space inspection of a hydro turbine under the Ohio River. In the course of just a few hours, we performed a complete inspection of the turbine bulb and the stabilizers inside the dam. These components are crucial to optimizing electrical output while maintaining complete safety for personnel saving our client an estimated $90,000.

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