Professional Service Excellence

Excellence. It’s Simply What We Deliver.

Our certifications and decades of expertise to fly over assets in oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, power and utilities, and buildings in between, simply means we are very adept at everything it takes to digitize projects.

Our consulting side of every engagement is to build your confidence in our aerial solution which delivers a single source of truth.

Operations Guides

Our operations manuals illuminate best practices in data collection and security for your specific industry. It will be easier than ever to onboard new members of your data collection team and train existing members to be even more productive.

Certification & Training

We have fully insured remote pilots that are FAA Certified. Your data collection team can be up and running in weeks with us. We’ll train you to achieve Part 107 certification and equip you with the proven data collection techniques we’ve perfected. Our training courses exceed industry standards and focus on the safety and knowledge you need to perform in any industry. We continue to stay on the cutting end of the industry to keep you up to date with new regulations and provide regular training updates to share with your team.

Business Integration

We can help you select and implement the data collection and management solution that’s right for you. Our extensive expertise working with industry-leading software allows us to engineer secure, efficient workflows that snap seamlessly into your existing operations.

Leading Equipment

The procurement process for UAV equipment can take months. Our team does extensive research of the UAV and data collection market to allow you to focus on the data that is coming in. Our team will work with you to ensure you are using the best data collection methods and equipment to return the most value for your business.


Our team is constantly innovating on your behalf to make sure we are informed of the latest and most innovative technologies. Our R&D team is made up of industry professionals and engineers that work to test every product prior to bringing it into the field. Our team puts new innovations through their paces so you have clear guidance for maximizing performance from day one.

Safety Guides

Our safety management team has an exceptional record helping clients ensure a safety culture. We work with your site safety team to encourage “zero accident” initiatives and work to develop documentation for all levels of your enterprise. You can reduce reportable incidents and achieve internationally recognized safety certifications.