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Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Drone in the Field Capture
July 1, 2020

No Throw-Away Drone Data Allowed: How the Right Data Provides a Single Source of Truth for Critical Assets in Any Industry

Remote access to critical assets is more important than ever. The earlier that a project or asset starts collecting high quality, consistent data, the more insights you will be able to extract, and the richer the data will… Continue Reading

May 4, 2020

Eye-Bot Helps Businesses Manage Their Critical Assets Remotely with Their 3D, Engineering-Ready Models

as originally posted on Commercial UAV News, April 27, 2020 Commercial UAV News has spoken about the impact of COVID-19 on our ability to conduct business as usual, supply chains have been interrupted, social distancing rules… Continue Reading

geoXD 3D model Damage from Tornado
April 26, 2020

Eye-bot Drones Capture Tornado Damage in Pennsylvania, Amidst COVID19

Everyday drones are used to conduct bridge inspections and to monitor construction projects. Our drones were used to capture data from damage caused by a tornado in April 2020. Lessons learned from the data will… Continue Reading

March 17, 2020

Fast Forward to Tomorrow: Benefits of Remote Monitoring with Drone High-Resolution 3D Data

Advantages to Remote Monitoring come about with Drone High Res 3D Data Captures Actionable Interactive 3D Models The advantages of using drones for high-resolution data capture is understood by many to include remote inspections and… Continue Reading

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions
March 4, 2020

Eye-Bot to Lead Single Source of Truth Workshop at PetroChem Pittsburgh Conference

Workshop: Single Source of Truth Increasing Capital Project ROI - Remote inspections and pre and post-construction surveys are always time-consuming and oftentimes negatively impact the bottom line on a CAPEX. Remote inspections capture existing conditions… Continue Reading

Infrastructure 3Dmodel
January 6, 2020

Eye-bot Uses Drones to Achieve 3D Modeling Accolades

  As originally published on CommercialUAVNews.com When it comes to monitoring the progress of large-scale construction projects, completing routine inspections or spotting safety hazards in various industries, drones can provide a valuable service. Drones collect… Continue Reading

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