Real-time Aerial Monitoring is Key To Being More Proactive

3D Fly Through of a Power Site using Eye-bot Solutions

Deploying geoXD™ Means Speed, Safety, and Efficiency for Power & Utilities

Today’s installed capacity for electrical generation in the U.S. alone is in the billions of megawatts, with millions and millions of gigawatt-hours generated annually through more than 7,500 plants coast to coast. Even a small problem with transmission lines can affect thousands of people.

Conventional inspection processes can be effective, but they also are time-consuming and risky. Technicians have limited hours and limited capacity to service a huge geography.

geoXD™ delivers all the benefits your team needs — expand coverage, reduce risk, and create better results. Real-time monitoring can be more proactive even with a vast area. Let us help your team digitize, analyze, and predict better!

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Surveying & Emergency Response

Eye-bot provides real-time 3D mapping to give you the complete picture of your site and in the wake of a natural disaster, a prompt response is essential to bringing crucial infrastructure back online.

Site Monitoring/Outage Scouting

With a birds-eye view, outing scouting is simple. Eye-bot drone professionals can provide you with total site monitoring, pinpointing issues at the first sign of trouble.

Thermal Scanning

Thermal scanning is a time-tested diagnostic tool. Our drone technology is outfitted with thermal imaging equipment to easily spot abnormal heating from high resistance or excessive current flow.

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