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3D Fly Through of an Oil & Gas site using Eye-bot solutions

Redefine How You Manage Your CAPEX Projects

The stakes have never been higher. Increasing capital project ROI for Oil & Gas means improved collaboration and oversight on safety, schedule, and budget. When your team needs to stay connected, our cloud-based software enables operations to full transparency with every project, anywhere in the world, at any given time.

The experienced team of aerial photogrammetry professionals at Eye-Bot Aerial Solutions has been instrumental to the successful completion of projects ranging into the billions of dollars. Our accurate, actionable data accelerates and streamlines the biggest jobs.

Site Monitoring

Eye-bot's proprietary, three-tier Certification & Training Program ensures that a company’s internal or third-party data collection resources can acquire data that will support the compilation of an interactive 3D model of a project site and its components.

Environmental Impact Awareness

We’ll monitor things like erosion, inadvertent returns, containment, and other potential impacts to the environment crucial to compliance and risk reduction of the project.

Project Site Safety / Emergency Response

In the event of safety incidents and emergency response, a permanent 3D digital record enables root cause analysis and safer, more efficient operations. A 3D representation will be crucial in your disaster recovery protocols.

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