About Us

Founded in 2015, Eye-bot Aerial Solutions is at the forefront for delivering a single source of truth on capital projects. We are all about delivering the best value including improved safety and ROI for our clients which are largely in the heavy industry of oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, and power and utilities.

Leadership Team

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Jake Lydick

Founder & CEO Jake was born on the outskirts of Pittsburgh PA, where he and his family of 4 still reside. He was a teenager during the rise of the information age and was taken by the way it changed how people interacted and how business was done. He told himself that if he ever saw a change like that coming again, he was committed to being a part of it. In 2014, he combined his passion for photography, technology, and aviation with the rise of the “drone age” and created Eye-bot Aerial Solutions. As a general aviator, Jake applied the competency he learned in flight school into his business and personnel. He and his team now provide the marketplace with a visualization platform that includes certification and training, drone data collection, digital twin processing, hosting and consulting services ranging from infrastructure inspections to communications asset modeling. Eye-bot will continue to pioneer innovative ways to capture and deliver the current state and position of critical assets, in the US or abroad.
Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Drone Inspection

Jim Yanosick

Director of Client Services

Joining the team in 2018, Jim is meeting with new and existing clients to expand the utilization of Eye-bot professional and consulting services. Jim works to determine project schedules, scopes and budgets while planning, developing and managing clients’ needs. With a focus on day-to-day operations, Jim has developed standardized programs and processes that ensure the timely and successful delivery of products and services according to customer objectives and needs.  

Erik Takach

Lead Pilot/Trainer

Since 2016, Erik has been providing worldwide professional solutions, in the areas of consulting, training and certifications for Eye-bot Aerial Solutions. Erik is flying drones daily / weekly at customer sites to acquire sensor data, including camera-based images and other information.

Erik holds Part 107, OSHA 10, Confined Space certifications and is largely supporting data collection in heavy industries including oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, power and utilities.  Erik’s expertise in the operation of unmanned aircraft is to also develop flight test plans and procedures, briefings and training materials to support flight and project operations.

Chris Dolly in Confined Space

Chris Dolly

Director of Safety

Chris is responsible for internal proficiency checks and organizational compliance evaluations. He is helping to expand Eye-bot’s drone operations and safety culture while also developing industry-leading operational procedures. He maintains close contact with the FAA, managing the company’s operational waivers and monitoring upcoming regulatory changes. Working both in the office and the field, Chris oversees flight operations to ensure regulatory compliance and continuous operational improvement.

Cody Short

Pilot / Trainer

Cody is maintaining standard operating procedures for customer drone systems and ensure operations and maintenance procedures comply with FAA regulations. Out in the field almost daily, Cody is mitigating and security concerns or safety hazards. He is providing professional solutions, in the areas of consulting, training and certifications for Eye-bot Aerial Solutions.

Dan Seitam

Chief Financial Officer

Dan has worked in a variety of technology companies over the course of his career. He has held several C-level leadership positions (CEO, COO, CFO) in Pittsburgh and Atlanta. The industries have spanned software, hardware, analytics, pharma, IoT, renewable energy, retail, non-profit, real estate, consumer goods and services, traditional manufacturers, family-owned enterprises and robotics. At Eye-bot, he is focused on strategy, execution and operational planning, market assessment / sizing / segmentation, and financial forecasting. He has co-founded 3 companies.

Paulette Duderstadt

Chief Marketing Officer

Working as an extension of management and execution teams, Paulette continues to focus on developing, implementing and executing on marketing strategies for Eye-bot as well as developing strategic partner marketing initiatives. Eye-bot has a broad scope of strategic executions planned to excel in its domain.  Focused on building both Eye-bot and Jake Lydick, Founder, as authorities in the aerial solution space, the largest industry trade shows and speaking engagements are on the calendar for this year.